GMMK Pro Refresh


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It's been a few months since I picked up the GMMK Pro by Glorious. The original clone set that was on this board was utter garbage. The spacebar was uneven which caused it to stick. Lesson learned here - don't by the cheap clone sets on Amazon. Don't get me wrong, there's good quality clone sets out there. (Looking at you AliExpess). The fact is that group buys aren't for everyone. And I'm not keen on waiting 2 years for a set.

Lesson learned here - don't by the cheap clone sets on Amazon.

In addition, I was starting to get fatigued with the switch choice (Kailh Purples). The switches were not "bad" by any means, but I have grown to like a lighter, linear switch. And so, an executive decision to give the whole board a refresh.

The switches were swapped from Kailh Purples to Gateron Milky Yellows. I've long heard that these are the best "bang-for-buck linear switch". Although, I've heard that about many other switches lately, so I tempered my expectations. Once I got them on the board, I was pleasantly surprised; they lived up to their reputation. I think they are fantastic for the price, feel, and sound. In fact, I'm looking forward to building another board with these in the future.

For the keycaps, I went with Cherry PBT Notion by NovelKeys - and they really pop IRL. The dark blue legends really make the set stand out from other BOW sets. Out of the box, this base set will cover a range of different keyboard sizes. It includes the colored modifiers like the ones pictured and a set of white modifiers, if you want that uniform look.


Until next time - AV